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By browsing through the comprehensive list of products below, a complete range of lifting gear can be found. Dutest understands the growing demand for such products in the market and aims to satisfy it with the best quality products. Our extensive range of lifting supplies are available all around UAE including Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah.

ED Crane Scale

Dillon ED Series Crane Scales

Advanced Weighing

Guesswork is not acceptable. When you have people working around high tension cables and massive loads, there is no room for error. You have to have complete confi dence in the strength and the accuracy of your measurement tools.

Since 1937, Dillon dynamometers have been chosen for the jobs where only the best will do. Now, Dillon has once again lifted the performance bar and set the standards for others to follow – Dillon ED Series Crane Scales.

Two ED Series models are available: The high-end EDXtreme (also called EDX), and the aff ordable EDjunior. Choose EDXtreme for the most demanding applications; EDXtreme is built with the best materials and designed with cutting-edge features like radio control. Where cost is a concern, and reliability is a requirement, choose EDjunior – the perfect crane scale for simple jobs.

Xtreme Engineering

Building a precision instrument that can survive real-world punishment requires masterful engineering. This is where Dillon’s experience shines through. The engineers assigned to the EDXtreme drew on a depth of industrial application knowledge and conducted exhaustive materials testing to achieve the highest structural integrity.

• Superior strength and corrosion resistance – High capacity models are constructed of powder coated aircraft quality alloy steel. Lower capacity models are power coated aircraft quality aluminium.

• 5:1 factor of safety – This measure of strength and safety is maintained at all capacities (capacities of 75T and above are 4:1 USF). Computer modelling confirms the low stress and long product life that is inherent in the EDXtreme design.

• Retained Hardware – allows permanent attachment of cantering spacers which eliminates fumbling during high capacity rigging.

• NEMA 4X/IP55 – The EDXtreme is clearly the choice for readability in any environment – in plant or out on the job site.

• Warranty – 2 years parts and labor.

Xtreme Accuracy

High resolution and accurate repeatable readings are essential to proper weighing. The higher standards set for the EDXtreme meant taking the time to ensure that material characteristics, load element design and strain gage meshed perfectly. The result of that eff ort is a typical accuracy of 0.1% of capacity up to EDX-50T and 0.3% of capacity for EDX-75T and above. The enhanced resolution mode of 1 part in 5000 provides the level of readability needed for refi ned weighing.

Xtreme Ease

• Exclusive SOFTKEY interface – Eliminates confusing menus for faster setup and simple operation.

• Local gravity correction – Unit adjusts to local gravitational conditions, without recalibration.

• Custom units of measure – User-defi ned units of measure mean the instrument adapts to changing requirements.

• Wide-angle, backlit LCD – Provides improved readability over a wider viewing angle and has backlighting for low light conditions.

• Battery operation – Powered by two standard C-cell batteries. Batteries are easily accessible for fast replacement.

Expandable Scale Network

A basic stand alone model can be easily upgraded “in-the-fi eld’” to accommodate changing needs. Remote confi guration, data acquisition and single point monitoring of multiple links are all possible with the hardwired or radio communication option with the EDXtreme.

Optional Remote Communicator, showing four crane scale readings and total of all.

ED Crane Scale Remote Communicator

The EDjunior is all about value. Behind its simple design and easy operation, you will fi nd the quality and performance not found elsewhere. With the EDjunior, Dillon proves that economy can go hand-in-hand with accuracy, long service life and, most importantly, worker safety – just compare the Dillon EDjunior to the competition. Nothing else comes close!

Measurement Capabilities
The EDjunior provides peak detection as well as live load readings. Selectable units of measure include lbf, kgf and Newtons.

Accuracy — The load element design and strain gauges chosen for the EDjunior produce an accuracy of 0.2 % (full scale). This level of precision off ers fl exibility for use in a broad range of applications. Capacities up to 10,000 lb (5000 kg) available.

Resolution — Readings are displayed with a resolution of 1 part in 1000 to ensure the level of readability required for critical lifting applications.

Control Interface

The exclusive Dillon SOFTKEY interface provides direct access to setup and display functions without the typical confusing menu structure. The 6-digit dot-matrix display features 1 inch (25 mm) high numerals for greater visibility.

High Strength, Low Weight

Heavy, cumbersome tools make tough jobs even harder. Through the use of aircraft quality materials, Dillon has made the EDjunior an easy-to-position, highly mobile instrument with exceptional strength. It off ers an impressive factor of safety at all capacities.

All Environments

With its NEMA 4/IP55 design, the EDjunior is at home in virtually any environment and ideally-suited to outdoor job-site applications as well as in-plant use.

ED junior Crane Scale

Hook Choices Reliable, high quality Crosby hooks are used on all EDX Crane Scales.

 Non-Swivel Hook (left) – Basic hook for low-cost, low-headroom weighing.

 Basic Swivel Hook (right) – Used to align rigging to the crane.
Dillon ED Series Crane Scale Specifications

EDXtreme Crane Scale Specifications

Enclosure: Designed to NEMA 4X/IP55. Suitable for continuous outdoor use

Accuracy: 0.1% of capacity*

Repeatability: 0.1% of capacity* * Normal resolution mode.

Ultimate overload: See table above

Safe Overload: 200% of capacity

Body Protection: Aluminum and alloy steel capacities are powder coated

Bearings: Unmatched repeatability attained by needle bearings in shackle pin holes up to EDx-10K. Precision machined shackles act as inner race.

Shackles: Forged industry standard anchor shackle bows, galvanized fi nish. Models up to EDx-10K use precision machined shackle pin. Higher capacities use forged pin.

Display: 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display shows up to 6 digits 1.0” (26 mm) high plus annunciators and softkeys. Digits are .11˝ (7 mm) thick for unmatched readability.

Display Update Rate: 2 times per second

Connector: Recessed sealed connector may be used for direct serial communications or connection to a Communicator remote.

RS-232 / RS-485 Communication: Print or extract data easily. Continuous output can drive a scoreboard. Confi gurable poll character.

Calibration: Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Certificate included with curve of readings. Passes only with three consecutive confi rming runs, with all points in specification.

Battery Life: 320 hours typical use with two C-cell alkaline batteries. 40 hours typical with Radio Link system.

Operating Temperature: -4° F to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)

Included with Instrument: Shipping/storage crate(s), batteries, manual and certificate of calibration

Options: 2.4 GHz radio board. Display back light

Approval: CE

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Communicator Specifications

Enclosure: Designed to NEMA 3 / IP44 with optional sleeve. Suitable for protected outdoor use.

Instrument Size: 9.0˝ x 4.6˝ x 1.8˝ (228 mm x 117 mm x 45 mm)

Accuracy: Not applicable. Only sends and receives digital information.

Display: 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display can show full readings up to 5 instruments

Battery Life: 40 hours radio or 45 wireline using four AA alkaline batteries under typical use

Operating Temperature: -4° F to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)

Connectors: Sealed connectors may be used for serial communications and wired connection to an EDxtreme crane scale

RS-232 Communication: Print or extract data easily. Continuous output can drive a scoreboard. Confi gurable poll character.

Included with Remote: Carry case and batteries

Accessories: Rubberized case protector sleeve. Remote wall mount bracket. Serial and remote cable assemblies.

Update Rate from Scale: 2 times per second

Approval: CE

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Radio Specifications

FCC Certified: For unlicensed low power devices. No radio licensing or permits required for normal operation.* (In the US and Canada. Check local ordinances in other countries.)

Frequency: 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum operates between 2.402 – 2.478 GHz. Continuously and automatically changes frequencies many times per second for consistent, reliable communications.

Output Level: 10 mW (20 dBm

Display Update Rate: 2 times per second with single dynamometer. Multi-instrument networks result in reduced updates

Number of Networks: 63 remotes can operate independently in the same airspace with unique channels

Number of Links Remote can Control: Up to 15 addresses are available per network channel

Configuration: Address and Network channels are front-panel configurable

Antenna: Integral antenna. Range: Open-air – Upto 300 feet, line-of-sight. Indoors – Dependent upon installation site with 150 feet common.

Approval: FCC ID: KQL-PKLR2400. CAN ID: CAN2268391158A

Dillon ED Series Crane Scale Dimensions

Dillon ED Series Crane Scale Table

Dillon ED Series Crane Scale Capacity Resolution