Safety Equipment - Fixed Lifeline Systems- Brands

Dutest provides a wide range of Fall Protection Systems, including Fixed Life Line Systems, in the UAE and KSA regions. All types of equipment, including but not limited to Horizontal Life Line Systems, Vertical Life Line Systems, Fixed Life Line Systems, Full Body Harnesses, Fall Arrestor Blocks, and other safety equipment, are supplied by the company.

By browsing through the comprehensive list of safety equipment suppliers in UAE below, a complete range of Fixed Life Line Systems can be found. Dutest understands the growing demand for such products in the market and aims to satisfy it with the best quality products. Our extensive range of Safety Equipment is available across the UAE.

Karam provides a vast range of permanent vertical & horizontal anchorage line systems incorporated with guided – type fall arresters. This system provides easy solution for anchorage in various industries like construction, oil & gas, engineering & manufacturing, telecommunications, and energy etc.