Inspection & Testing

We also undertake Inspection, Testing and Certification work on all lifting equipment, plant and Machinery, all types of cranes, passenger lifts and escalators, goods lifts, fork lift trucks, MEWPS and cherry pickers, lifting structures, anchorage points, lifting beams. We also verify load monitoring equipment, and undertake both destructive and non-destructive inspection work including weld inspection. We can provide proof load and initial testing if required and services such a bolt torque checks. All these services can be undertaken at our clients premises, our own premises or remotely if required.

Dye Penetrant Testing

Dye Penetrant (DP) is a method of detecting surface flaws (cracks) using a chemical ink and a developer, it is mainly used for non-ferrous metal products and profiled surfaces such as gear teeth where other methods are not suitable or practicable.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) is a well-established method of detecting flaws and cracks in welds made from ferrous material and is often incorporated in proof load and routing overload testing of lifting equipment and plant. For MPI being effective the surface preparation needs to be removed both on the weld to be inspected and a zone to each side of the weld.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current (EC) testing detects flaws similar to both MPI and DP testing, with one exception – the surface preparation does not need to be removed for the inspection to be undertaken. This can preserve warranties on coatings while still checking the critical welds. However, if a flaw is found MPI examination or DP is employed to verify the EC findings, we offer this verification at no extra charge.

Thickness Gauging

Thickness Gauging is used to measure internal corrosion, externally. This allows corrosion checks on equipment such as pressure cylinders, tanks and pipe work, and many more. This technique is suitable for checking equipment without having to open or enter the area that requires checking. Again, this can be done without removing the external coating which is very convenient.

Welding Inspection

A weld is a fusion of metals. In order to have a qualified weld, it has to be inspected by a certified welding inspection personnel. There are various parameters involved with the welding technology and needs a proper monitoring for which our engineers are certified, highly trained, experienced and qualified.

Load Testing

Load testing is a part of Dutest’s normal crane and lifting gear examination and consists of applying a load of suitable proportions to establish the integrity of the item being tested.

Tirak / Minifor Services

Tirak and Minifors are rope hoists manufactured by Tractel France. Dutest is one of the official service centers for these machines.