Advantages of using vertical life line system

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Vertical lifeline systems are the best and safest option, especially when climbing. They come up with an anchor point that travels with you and provides you with a mobility to climb. A vertical lifeline system is usually a rope, cable or a track which is attached to you via a full body harness and lanyard. The anchor point of the system will involve something similar to a rope grab and it allows you to climb up and down. Even if you fall of height, the anchor point will lock into a position by grabbing the rope.

Vertical lifeline system can be used for virtually any climbing situation as long as the system can be properly installed. They offer the same protection even if there is a change in the height at which you are working. Vertical lifeline systems are relatively inexpensive and facilitate quick installation. It is always important to ensure that the rope grab you purchased is compatible with the vertical system. Most importantly employees should have the proper knowledge to operate the system. Employees should be appropriately trained and the system should be kept in proper care and maintenance for use.

 Vertical lifeline system does not use a rigid track fall arrest system. They are mounted on to vertical structures to ensure safe access to buildings, stairs, pillars etc. The efficiency of the system ensures the safety of the employees. Even if a worker falls while being attached to the system, it presents a much lower risk of injury than a traditional protective cage system. There are many benefits to installing a vertical lifeline system:

  • They can be easily installed and used in any environment.
  • Vertical lifeline system is very easy to use and non-invasive.
  • It can be configured up to four workers per line.
  • It is easy to disconnect the system at any point.
  • It can be installed as per the contour of the structure.

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