Benefits of Full Body Harness for Fall Protection

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Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common accidents and are considered to be the second most common cause of death on the job.

There are various types of equipment like full body harness to prevent accidents while working at height. They offer different levels of safety and protection and are categorized as below:

Class 1: These types are designed to provide protection to people working in hazardous job positions and therefore helps to reduce the risks of falling. They usually include body belts.

Class 2: These types are used to retrieve the people who may have fallen. They typically include chest harness.

Class 3: These types are used when there is danger of falling vertical. They typically include the full body fall harness.

Class 4: These types are used for the suspension of workers in the air. They typically include suspension belts and boatswain chairs.

Having a full body fall protection harness is one of the most crucial decisions to be made for you or your crew who will be working from heights.

They provide increased comfort as there are certain tasks that require you to be working at awkward angles. This is difficult, when you are working at heights where there is no support for the body.

It will also provide increased confidence as working at heights can be risky. Workers are given the confidence to able to finish their jobs complete jobs without the fear of fall that could create serious or fatal injury.

The usage of fall protection harness will help in the increased productivity on the site. Workers get their tasks done in the allocated time without much worry about falling. The harnesses allow for maximized comfort and flexible movement.

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