Benefits of Going with Third Party Inspection Services

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A modern industry involving heavy duty transportation is obvious to depend on the equipment like cranes, passenger lifts, pickers, lifting beams, and more. However, it is important that these types of equipment function well to expect the best performance. Users can expect the best performance of this equipment when they are regularly inspected.

Advantages of third party service providers:

As one of the important requirement, consistent inspection of the lifting and safety equipment is highly desired among the industries in modern times. The third party inspection services in UAE are given higher priority by the contemporary industries and Dutest Indutstrial already proved that they are the best in providing these services with certifications. Dutest Industrial is said to be the best inspection service providers which takes care of aspects like inspecting load monitoring equipment and undertake both destructive and non-destructive inspection works. In fact, one can expect weld inspection services as well through us. If a company requires, there are renowned service providers available to take care of proof load and initial testing service demands and Dutest is known for these services. The jobs like bolt torque checks are rather preferred to be accomplished only through the best third party inspection services in UAE.

Important tests:

Dye Penetrant testing is one of the crucial tests that many industries prefer to be accomplished through professional service providers. The testing is done to detect the surface flaws or cracks. Especially, the test is important for profiled surfaced or where no other method works better. Magnetic particle testing is another crucial test preferred by Dutest who is considered as best third party inspection services in UAE. MPI is one of the trustworthy methodologies to detect flaws associated with the welds made up of ferrous materials. Similarly, Eddy current testing is crucial for flaw detection as of MPI. However, it is a bit different as here the surface preparation is not necessarily removed for inspection purpose. Apart from this, the aspects like thickness gauging, welding inspection, and load testing are also preferred to be done by the professional service providers .

However, it is more important for the industry to have the best range of equipment before inspecting it through the best service provider. Especially, a heavy duty industry needs to be resourced with high-end for measuring equipment. The products like ED crane scales from Dutest are highly preferred for advanced weighing. Similarly, Quick check tension meters, Quick balance tension meters are also highly preferred.


Inspection services for a whole range of equipment, especially the lifting equipment is preferred to be accomplished through professional third party service providers as it needs specific expertise. Inspection activities like MPI, Dye Penetrant, MPI, etc. tests demand enough experience. Dutest Industrial is the one of the best third party inspection services provider in UAE. It has a team of leading experts in this field. They have all the know-how and the tools to inspect and test the lifting equipment.

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