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Fall protection systems are available in several shapes and forms. Determining the system relevant to client demands is integral when it comes to the selection of the right fall protection system. Important factors and considerations, such as the type of work to be done, the amount of fall clearance required, etc. play a relevant role. Subject to functionality and appearances, every system has its advantages and features suiting given situations. Because of frequent use, fall protection systems can get damaged which can lead to immediate replacements or repair. Fall protection systems are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials suitable for various environments.

For fixed lifeline systems, there is an immediate requirement for replacement if wire ropes are damaged or broken down. This is done by cutting down broken pieces or replacing the entire wire rope if necessary. Fixed lifeline systems are resistant to corrosion, which can be fixed on several structures for safe anchorage, offering total and complete safety. Harnesses connected to permanent steel cables ensuring user safety are to be developed and tested per the highest international safety standards, improving dependability in the event of fall protection and mobility. Workers who work on great heights without access to suitable anchoring points can be protected.

Listed below are some important fixed lifeline system equipment to ensure workers operating at great heights are protected:

Vertical lifeline system:

  1. Vertex PN 7000
  2. Vertex PN 8000
  3. Vertex PN 9000

Horizontal lifeline system:

  1. Horizontal PN 4000
  2. Horizontal PN 5000

Full Body Harness:

Dutest offers a comprehensive range of safety harnesses suitable for a vast range of applications & situations. Equipped with superior quality ergonomics and technically sound features, the best choice for efficient, safe, and comfortable usage for work at height. Work positioning body belts are also offered, allowing the worker to operate at heights in a well-supported position with both hands free. This conforms to EN 361:2002 as well.

Fall Arrester Block:

A big challenge in fall protection is when an anchorage is too high to access, with a small distance of clearance. In such situations, Dutest provides the perfect solution – the retractable fall arrester. These blocks conform to EN 360:2002.

Energy Absorbent Forked Webbing Lanyard:

A lanyard is a connecting element of a system. Fall arrest lanyards incorporate shock-absorbent elements capable of limited force experienced by the body of the worker to less than 6 kN. Subject to the specific use, lanyards are classified as listed below:

  1. Work positioning lanyards
  2. Restraint lanyards
  3. Fall arrest lanyards
  4. Forked lanyards

Dutest offers an exhaustive range of lanyards made from twisted rope, kernmantle rope or webbing, or different connector combinations per the needs of the user.

Dutest provides a wide range of Fixed Lifeline systems. All types of equipment including but not limited to Horizontal Lifeline system, Vertical Lifeline System, Fixed Lifeline System, Fall Protection Systems such as the company supplies Full Body Harness, Fall Arrestor Block, and other safety equipment. Dutest supplies the best fall protection systems that make life easier for users. Their fall protection systems can cover almost any roof surface with a combination of different components to offer suitable and cost-effective lifeline solutions. Fall protection systems supplied by Dutest are rigorously tested to meet the international safety standards. The broad selection of fall protection systems supplied by Dutest industries offers key advantages in safety and productivity.

Dutest understands the growing demand for such products in the market and aims to satisfy it with the best quality products. Dutest has an extensive, top quality range of Safety Equipment in UAE. Get in touch today to inquire further.


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