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Polypropylene ropes are made from polypropylene yarns and polyamide core. This combination makes them strong and grants characteristics because of which they can be used in various industries. It is a rope that can be used for businesses and domestic purposes. They find use in fishing, shipping, heavy industry, air & sea rescue lines, blasting mats, buoy lines, general industry, marine lines, in oceanographic moorings etc. 

Polypropylene ropes 

  • Are resistant to weather, bending and temperatures between -40 to 80 degrees. 
  • Are washable 
  • Not affected by salt, oils, liquid fuels, organic solvents etc. 
  • Do not absorb moisture 
  • Can be used for packing and transporting goods 
  • Are available in varied colors and diameters. 

The polyamide core enhances the tensile strength of the rope multiple times. 

The ropes are available in varied number of strands, that influence its use. 3-4 strand ropes can be used for air sea rescue lines, blasting mats, buoy lines, car tow ropes, control ropes, crap rope, ducting draw cords, foot ropes, ladder ropes, general industrial & marine industry, mooring line and others. 8 strand ropes are used for mooring applications in shipping and various heavy load uses. 8 &  12 strand ropes are used for shipping industry, heavy industries, ship mooring lines, deep sea towing, target tow ropes, oceanographic mooring, harbor towing, supply vessels, lifting slings etc. 

There are many advantages polypropylene ropes as below:

  • They are strong
  • They are resistant to abrasion, acids, solvents, harsh weather conditions. 
  • They are available in many colors. 
  • They can stay afloat in water. 
  • They are available in different diameters. 
  • They are very stretchable 
  • They can be knotted for increased strength. 

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