Different types of lifting equipment used by industries!

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Overview:  Various companies like manufacturing, shipping and construction require quality lifting equipment to meet their daily requirements consistently. Therefore, it is highly crucial to maintain a regular supply of quality lifting equipment to make sure that the work doesn’t get hampered. Alongside, one also needs to check whether the lifting equipment used by them is competent enough or not to carry out the desired functions. Quality lifting equipment is a great precaution against any sort of damage to the load being lifted or the workers using it.

Various types of lifting equipment that are used in various businesses across the world are passenger lifts and escalators, goods lifts, fork lift trucks, overhead cranes, webbing slings, shackles, lifting structures, anchorage points, lifting beams etc. Maintaining all lifting equipment in their top most condition is a must for better productivity. Dutest is one of the leading and certified lifting equipment companies in the UAE

Types of lifting equipment used in various industries:

  • Chain slings and fittings: Chain slings provided by Dutest are of the best quality and are of single or multi-leg type along with equally compatible accessories like clevis self locking hook, connecting link, clevis grab hook, swivel self locking hook etc. Chain slings are widely used in lifting and for lifting heavy loads at the work site such as concrete blocks, pipes, building material etc.
  • Wire rope and wire rope slings: Dutest excels in providing wire rope and wire rope slings of various types that includes single leg steel wire rope slings with soft eye, two, three and four leg wire rope sling along with accessories like wire rope clips, eye bolts, eye nuts etc. They are widely used in harsh environments because of their better resistance capability.
  • General lifting gears: In general lifting gears Dutest covers a wide array of lifting equipment like chain block, lever block, plain trolley, snatch block etc. These general lifting gears are used in rigging and lifting tasks involving a load suspended from or pulled by the equipment.
  • Shackles: There are four types of shackles provided by Dutest in its lifting equipment supply that are screw pin bow shackle, nut and bolt shackle, screw pin d shackle, nut and bolt d shackle.
  • Webbing and round slings: Webbing slings are used for carrying out the lifting and lowering and handling of heavy loads in construction industries. Their main function is to secure the load.

The type of material used in the manufacturing of the lifting equipment determines their quality, reliability and durability. A thorough and continuous checking and inspection by Dutest maintains their credibility. We are highly acknowledged for providing tested and certified lifting equipment to ensure maximum safety.


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