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Manufacturing and production of lifting equipment needs to be tested and certified prior to regular use, to ensure accidents and hazards do not happen. Lifting equipment can range from forklifts, cranes, goods lifts, elevators, forklift trucks, lifting beams, and more. These are heavy machinery of which the extreme limits must be known and tested prior to sending off for usage by workers, otherwise, it could be dangerous. Untested products can result in life-threatening damage with serious calamities. Therefore, companies such as Dutest are available to execute tests important for the safe use of lifting equipment.

Lifting equipment is a reference to any equipment that is used to lift heavy loads. Choosing the right rigging and lifting equipment ensures that the workplace is safe and secure. This is important that the lifting equipment, or gear, chosen needs to be able to efficiently handle the lifting task in question.

Listed below are the types of lifting equipment available at Dutest:

  1. Chain slings and fittings
  2. Wire rope & wire rope slings
  3. General lifting gears
  4. Shackles
  5. Webbing & round slings

The lifting equipment chosen is to be strong, durable, and suitable for required use. Similarly, the load and anything attached to it must be suitable and of adequate quality and strength. Lifting equipment, including accessories, are to be visibly marked with suitable information to be considered for use. Lifting tasks are to be planned, supervised, and executed safely by a competent, reliable, and trustworthy team. If lifting equipment is to be used for the first time, it needs thorough examination by competent persons after installation but prior to using in service. It is advisable to use lifting gear that has the capacity to handle more than the applied weight, as this will help avoid damage when unintentional weights are added.

Dutest is among the leading companies for inspection, testing, verification, and certification of all types of cranes, hoisting, and lifting equipment. Therefore, we can offer inimitable expertise, experience, and equipment to conduct professional statutory and voluntary crane inspection for the following:

  • Mobile Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Crawler
  • Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes and many other vital equipment

Dutest aims to provide high-quality lifting & safety equipment to individuals or companies anywhere in the world at a competitive price. One thing to make sure before purchasing the right lifting equipment is to consider the eminent lifting equipment suppliers in UAE such as Dutest, who have been offering high-quality services since 1980.


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