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Have you ever wondered about the services, which make Dutest Industries, one of the best third party inspection service providers of lifting equipment? Well, yes, our firm has been offering various forms of top-notch quality lifting equipment add safety tools, but is that all? Not exactly! Our company is proud to present its customers with the best lifting equipment inspection in UAE, before dispatching any of the items to the esteemed clients.

This inspection, certification, and testing work are applicable to any kind of lifting equipment. Starting from cranes to passenger lifts, good lifts to even some escalators, options are limitless. You can procure the same inspection services on lifting beams, anchorage points, lifting structures, MEWPS and on cherry pickers, too .

Other areas to cover

Apart from testing services, the same firm offers non-destructive and destructive inspection services, alongside weld inspection.  You can procure a proof load and initial test, whenever you feel it is required. There are some other exceptional services as bolt torque checks and more, which make Dutest Industries a leader in this competitive market.

These services are currently undertaken at the premises of said clients only. If you do not have enough space for accommodating their needs, the experts might take the materials with them for further inspection.

Working on various testing methods

There are different types of testing methods, which Dutest follows, depending on the type of lifting equipment. If you want to know more about the lifting equipment inspection in Dubai, then try contacting experts for help.

It starts with the dry penetrant testing. This is a method of detecting some surface flaws through the developer and chemical ink. This method is used for testing non-ferrous metallic items and profiled surfaces.

Other techniques for you

Apart from the testing method listed, our company can further help you with magnetic particle testing. It helps in detecting cracks and flaws in welds, mostly incorporated in routine overload testing and proof load.

On the other hand, you have Eddy Current or EC testing. It helps in detecting flaws to DP and MPO testing. However, there is one exception to note down. You do not have to remove the surface preparation for inspecting the area. It helps in preserving warranties on the coating, while checking for some critical welds.

These are some of the best inspection services, as procured from Dutest Industries. You can call the experts for some other information, regarding the same inspection methodology. You can even email them your queries, using their official ID and get the easiest solutions on it.

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