Elevator Testing Requirements and Procedures

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It is important to abide by the elevator testing requirements and procedures set by the competent authorities. The proper testing of elevators during installation helps to ensure that all the components and systems are in satisfactory and safe condition. There are certain inspections carried out prior to installation to ensure that proper materials and equipment complying with the specifications are used.

Before carrying out with the test, the inspector should ensure that the installation procedure had compiled with all the statutory requirements and regulations.  The functional performance tests of the elevators are carried out to check whether the installations meet all the functional and performance requirements specified.  It proceeds from the testing of individual components to the inspection of different systems in the installations.

Temporary modifications need to be done when the tests proceeds. The specific test requirements are undertaken according to the type and size of systems to be inspected. Any performance deficiencies found during the tests will be further evaluated.

All the inspections carried out should be properly documented in the appropriate test forms. Tests and inspections carried out during the installation stage is helpful in ensuring the suitability of their operations at different working conditions. After the completion of tests, certificates of such tests are issued.

Major tests carried out for elevators are as follows:

  • Tests carried out at the time of installation.
  • Factory and off site tests.
  • Site inspection prior to the delivery
  • Elevator shaft and elevator pit inspection.
  • Machine room inspection.
  • Inspection of major materials and components delivered to.

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