Essential things to know about wire rope slings

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Overview: Wire rope slings are the lifting equipment that has been used widely for a considerable period of time and these slings are the topmost choice of the industries when it comes to lifting any heavy loads. Wire rope slings are highly robust and have more strength than nylon slings and have high temperature endurance.

About wire rope slings:

  • They are extensively used to lift heavy loads in industries like construction and manufacturing.
  • They have high robustness, durability and can endure higher temperature limits.
  • Never use wire rope slings of any type at temperatures below -40 degrees (F).
  • Wire rope consists of a helix structure formed of small individual wires that are framed into strands.
  • Constructed with various grades of steel making wire ropes are highly resistant to elements such as moisture, heat, UV and chemicals.
  • Wire rope slings posses absolute corrosion resistance property.
  • Having unique SIN or Serial Identification Number they can be easily traced.

Things to keep in mind while selecting wire rope slings manufacturer:

  • Background check of the manufacturer: First and foremost, do a thorough research on supplier’s history, reputation in the market, customer base, before selecting a wire rope slings manufacturer so that you can know complete details about the products that he deals with in the market. It is important to select the supplier carefully as the productivity of your business is directly proportional to the product you deal in therefore, choose your supplier very carefully.
  • Quality of products: Quality is one of the prominent things one should consider before buying the equipment. Dutest’s supply of lifting equipment are completely safe, reliable, durable and of great quality as they meet the set standards set by competent authorities and thus surpass their customer’s expectations.
  • Highly qualified service technicians: The technicians provided by the manufacturer for the installation or delivery of the product must know all the specifications regarding the equipment and should also be well versed in handling any issue that may occur so that the overall experience of your client will be great.
  • Quality customer service: The manufacturer needs to be customer-oriented and should work in compliance with its customer’s requirements so that he can provide them with the best lifting equipment. Manufacturer should take care of its customer’s interests in order to grow.

Choose your wire rope slings manufacturer ideally as their products will define your workplace. At Dutest, a certified lifting equipment manufacturer, we also provide reliable lifting solutions.



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