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Third-party inspection services play an important role in all industries such as construction, engineering, oil & gas, marine, and many more. By taking these services, one can ensure the credibility, longevity and safety of the products. Dutest is one such company who offers authorized and certified third party inspection services in the UAE on all lifting equipment, plant, and machinery to reveal a product defect that’s easily preventable. Our third-party inspection service range includes dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, welding inspection, and many more that can be undertaken at our client premises, our own place or remotely if needed.

Here are various inspection services which you can take from Dutest Industries such as:

Dye Penetrant Testing: This type of testing service is mainly used for non-ferrous metal products as well as profiled surfaces for detecting surface cracks. By using a chemical ink and a developer, our experienced professionals provide this service to improve business quality.

Magnetic Particle Testing: This is another inspection method which is suitable to be used for ferrous materials for detecting flaws as well as cracks in welds. This is an effective technique that widely used for surface preparation needs.

Eddy Current Testing: This effective technique is highly used for detecting flaws to both Magnetic Particle Testing and Dye Penetrant Testing except surface preparation. This can save guarantees on coatings while as yet checking the basic welds.

Thickness Gauging: We offer this type of testing service for measuring the internal corrosion on equipment such as tanks, pressure cylinders, pipe work, and many more. Our knowledgeable service providers easily detect equipment without opening or enter the zone that requires checking. They easily measure the amount of corrosion without removing the external coating of the equipment.

Welding Inspection: A weld is a combination of metals. If you really want to get perfect weld, then it must be examined by an affirmed welding inspection personnel. With this technology, you require different monitoring parameters as well as highly trained and experienced professionals.

Load Testing: This effective technique is a part of the normal crane as well as lifting equipment examination. By taking a load testing service, you can easily know about the load-bearing capacity of the lifting equipment.

Dutest is well-known for its third-party inspection services and is one of the prominent suppliers of certified lifting equipment in the UAE. One can get reliable lifting equipment from Dutest based on their requirements.


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