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Overview: If lifting heavy loads is the regular part of your job then you must be in need of some lifting equipment that is durable, reliable, and robust and can efficiently and effectively lift heavy loads just like webbing slings. The type of sling that you use directly depends on the task it is required to perform, plus how safe it is when working in potentially crucial circumstances. In order to minimize any sort of risks at work site use of appropriate and safe lifting equipment is a must. At Dutest you will find webbing slings and round slings the two most popular and demanded sling types.

Besides using a correct webbing sling it’s equally important to know the know-how of Inspection and maintenance of webbing slings, to ensure their longevity:

Things to be covered in an inspection of webbing slings:

  • Usage of equipment
  • Positioning and installing of equipment
  • Strength and robustness
  • Attaching, detaching, and securing loads
  • Suspended loads
  • Storage
  • Suitability of the equipment

If any of the above is found faulty then an inspection is must.

At what intervals the inspection of Lifting Equipment should be carried out?

Before you use lifting equipment like webbing slings you must get an inspection done. How often the equipment requires maintenance and needs to be inspected depends on how frequently its used and therefore can vary from equipment to equipment from every week to once in a couple of months. If you regularly inspect your webbing slings then you will have good and safe lifting solutions with you.

  • Make sure that before you begin using the equipment once its installation is done, it’s duly verified and inspected and have a valid EC Declaration of Conformity and also not assembled on a site less than 12 months ago.
  • Must be inspected every six months for lifting equipment and associated lifting accessories used to lift people.
  • Every six months for all lifting accessories used in lifting equipment.
  • Every twelve months for other general lifting equipment.
  • If exposure is likely to cause extensive damage, inspection is necessary for assessing the risk timely.
  • Damage or distortion of any lifting gear, being out of utilization for delayed periods or significant changes that influence its reliability, e.g. repair or adjustments.

Dutest is considered as one of the leading webbing slings manufacturer across UAE which is also recognized to supply wide range of lifting equipment. Along with lifting equipment the company also deals in providing inspection and repair services to ensure the overall safety of our valuable clients.


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