How to Choose the Best Chain Block for Lifting? Ask the Experts!

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A chain block is an apparatus for raising and lowering large loads. The chain is wrapped around the two wheels of the chain block. When the chain is pulled, it coils around the reels and starts to raise the object that has a hook fastened to the rope or chain. To elevate the load more evenly, chain blocks can be fastened to lifting straps or chain bags. The chain block has a bracket and a hand chain. Most chain blocks operate with motors, although manual chain blocks are still an option.

Decide the capacity required

A block can typically lift between 250 kg and 20 tons. Find out what your demands are in terms of capacity first. Chain blocks with a 50-ton or higher capacity are available. Choosing the ability in accordance with the mass of the heaviest object you intend to hoist on the chain block would be beneficial.

The required amount of lift

We’ll then need to figure out how much lift your application requires. You must be aware of two crucial facts to calculate lift. First, consider where your chain hoist will hang, then consider where the load that must be picked will be in relation to the chain hoist. The resting place of the item to be picked must be subtracted from the hoist’s hanging location to obtain your lift number. Chain is offered by the foot and cannot be added to an existing chain, therefore whenever in doubt, always add a couple of feet of lift to be safe.

The speed required

Next, we’ll need to decide how quickly you want to hoist the object. It may be advisable to leave this selection to a professional if you don’t have much lifting experience because it can be difficult to decide. Traditional speeds can be as little as two or three feet per minute to as high as 16 or 32 feet per minute. Some contemporary hoists, especially air hoists, have a lifting capacity of about 100 feet per minute. Several considerations, with safety being the most important, will affect how quickly we lift something.

Type of Suspension

A chain block can be hung or suspended using either a hook mount or lug mount. With a Hook mount, the chain block will have a hook already fastened to the top of the body before it leaves the manufacturer. The Lug suspension alternative is the next. Almost all chain blocks have a lug suspension option, which is very helpful if there isn’t much headroom available for mounting and using the block. With a lug suspension, the block is mounted to the trolley using just a few bolts/lugs instead of the hook we explained previously.

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