Inspection of Lifting Equipment and Accessories

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In any industry dealing extensive lifting equipment, inspection, and maintenance of lifting equipment and accessories is essential to make sure all the parts remain safe for use during a lifting operation. It helps to locate any deterioration so that it can be improved when required-so all lifting equipment needs to be tested and thoroughly examined.

Such inspections and examinations for the maintenance purposes need to be undertaken by a trained and competent person. The lifting equipment operator is usually considered the most competent person for inspection related work.

Such inspections must be frequent and should be determined through risk assessment; the inspector must take full account of recommendations by the manufacturer. Lifting accessories do not always need a thorough or formal inspection, but it is good to examine them as well.

Dutest Industrial provides all types of lifting equipment and accessories including Rope slings, Chain slings, Chain Blocks, Lever hoists, Load Cells, Safety Harness, Eye Bolts, Beam Clamps and Trolleys Plate Clamps and Magnets.

Apart from providing a wide range of lifting equipment, they also have a division concerned with third party inspection services in UAE, where all equipment are thoroughly inspected and examined as per the regulations stated by the LOLER.

Some checkpoints should be followed when defect is found while inspecting the lifting equipment.

Report the defect to associated authority:

1. Upon finding any flaw or defect during the examination, the records must be recorded properly and should be sent to the associated authority. The records do not require to be maintained in hard copy but you should always maintain a written report of every examination, and they should be protected from any illegal alteration.

2. If a defect is identified in any equipment during the process of inspection and it is considered as a risky factor or danger to people, the user must notify the concerned authority immediately, and not neglect it. You must take effective action until the defect is eliminated or removed.

3. The competent person who was employed for the inspection job must also notify the relevant enforcing authority and provide them a written copy of examination report.

Dutest is one of the most reliable and experienced third party inspection services in UAE, with certifications related to it.

They have a team of dedicated and competent inspection persons to carry out a thorough examination and improve the defects if found. Dutest understands the growing demand for lifting equipment and the occupational safety issues associated with them, which is why they aim to satisfy their clients with the best quality products and inspection services.

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