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Overview:  In the construction of high rise buildings various methods such as slip forming to facilitate the rise of the framework at a great speed are required. These methods allow the workers to construct the building with a seamless flow of the cement that helps and supports the building’s tall structure with superb precision. One of the major factors that impact the construction of such buildings is the continuous lifting and lowering of heavy materials and the amount of hard work required. The workers while framing and mounting the building higher posses’ great threat to unforeseen dangers that can be fatal as well. Therefore, heavy lifting is something that needs to be practiced under expert supervision and done with accurate planning and execution.

Lifting equipment that are reliable, durable, and robust are the best choice for such construction projects as they are highly efficient in doing such lifting and lowering tasks very precisely and provides utmost safety at the work place to both, the load as well as the workers. Dutest is a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality lifting equipment such as shackles, chain slings, webbing slings, wire ropes and slings, pulling hoists, etc.

The type of equipment that a company is using guarantees the successful completion of the project. Lifting equipment plays a very vital role in the heavy lifting during construction, manufacturing or other industrial functions and thus one should consider their importance. For a particular task specific type of equipment is needed. As faulty equipment can easily lead to a fault in the construction or while carrying out a particular task, therefore, it is highly mandatory for a client to choose the best quality equipment from a renowned lifting equipment supplier like Dutest. They deal in a wide range of equipment like crane, pulling hoists, slings, shackles etc. Quality lifting equipment will always save your time and money and will protect you, the load and the work place as well from any of the disasters that might occur because of the poor quality or fault of the equipment. Lifting equipment has a key role to play in the construction and manufacturing processes.

You can trust a company like Dutest that has a good reputation in the market in providing quality lifting equipment to its wide base of clients across GCC region. Quality lifting equipment always enhances the productivity at the work place and makes the lifting and transfer of heavy loads very easy. Dutest is been in the business for a long time and have been manufacturing and supplying quality equipment.

Why Dutest?

Lifting equipment provided by Dutest are rated best in the market as stated above and are provided by globally recognized brands. Along with this Dutest also provides dedicated and technically equipped personnel that are well-versed in handling and rectifying the given lifting equipment. They also offer inspection services and make sure they meet the safety standards set down by the law.



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