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Overview:   Being an indispensable part of various lifting operations in industries like manufacturing, construction, and off-shore industries for the safe lifting and lowering of loads and other heavy objects and for the safe rigging practices, lifting equipment like lifting slings, cranes, hoists, lever blocks are a crucial part of the business. That is a major reason as to why the inspection of lifting equipment is so stressed on. Dutest is a leading name in the field of providing several quality lifting equipment and the accessories and gears. Along with the durability, reliability, robustness and other characteristics that Dutest covers, you can also find that it provides well grounded inspection services that cover almost each and every aspect of the lifting equipment inspection. Before any client uses the lifting equipment they need to duly verified and tested by the competent authority or professionals. Dutest provides authorized and certified third party inspection services in UAE that enables them to certify the equipment if found defect free.

Some of the tests that are conducted at Dutest for inspection of lifting equipment are as follows-

  • Dye Penetrant Testing

Using a chemical ink and a developer the defects in the surface of lifting equipment are detected buy this technique. This technique is highly helpful in detecting flaws in non-ferrous metal equipment.

  • Magnetic Particle Testing

This technique is highly useful in detecting flaws and cracks in an equipment or product made up of ferrous metal and is indulged in proof load and routing overload testing of lifting equipment and plant.

  • Eddy Current Testing

It includes the techniques of both MPI and DP testing with only one exception- here you are not required to remove the surface preparation for the inspection to be performed. This protects the warranty on the coating of the equipment while the checking is going on.

  • Thickness Gauging

Internal corrosion can be measured externally with this inspection technique. It allows performing a check on corrosion on equipment like pressure cylinders, tanks and pipe work, and many more. It is not important to open the equipment using this technique to check the flaws. And there is no need to remove the external coating as well.

Dutest is a leading provider of inspection services that are highly reliable and duly certified by competent authorities and is also renowned and experienced in manufacturing and supplying of lifting equipment.


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