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Wire rope slings are important in rigging processes, utilized primarily for hoisting and lifting operations across various industries. Slings connect loads to lifting devices and are available in various configurations supporting a broad range of applications. These applications include single and multi-part slings, such as flat brains, round braids, tri-flex and cable-laid slings, in addition to single leg slings, grommets, multiple leg bridles and a large variety of attachments and fittings as well.

Wire rope slings are best suited for heavy load lifting operations that are suitable for activities on shipyards, construction sites, marine industries and more. It is essential that wire rope slings are suitably used in the manufacturing industry since it calls for several heavy duty lifting and heavy object loading applications. Loads vary in size and shape subject to the application.

Wire rope slings are named after wire rope designs, in addition to how many wire ropes make up a strand, and how many strands are wrapped around the core: 6×19 wire ropes are made from 6 strands of 19 wires, and 6×37 wire ropes are 6 strand ropes made from 37 wires.

The various slings used in relevant applications are as follows:

1.Eye & Eye Slings

Used in choker, basket and vertical hitches, oval eyes on each end gives the sling its name. Eyes are formed using Flemish eye splices, secured with carbon steel sleeves. Rope slings are rugged and reliable, making it quite versatile and therefore is a popular choice for several applications.

2. Bridle Slings

Bridle slings are available in three different types: 2, 3 and 4 legged bridle slings. They are designed for general lifting purposes, typically connected to the load by hooking into lifting eyes or placing loops over projections. These designs make them suitable for handling loads with fixed lifting points.

3. Nine-Part Slings

Nine-part slings are effective when it comes to lifting large and heavy loads since the weight is evenly distributed amongst all the nine parts of the sling’s body. The construction of nine-part slings facilitates easy inspection of the wire rope, important when it comes to the reuse of the sling for several loads.

4. Multi-part wire rope sling

Multi-part wire rope slings work well with singular loads of moderate weights, also made of braided wire rope that assists in ease of weight distribution across the sling body. These slings are strong, durable, and flexible as well.

Wire rope slings are important and should be suitably used and selected. Utilizing slings improperly could result in imbalance of loading, collapsing rigging structures.

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