The Importance and Advantages of Third Party Inspection Services in UAE

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Third party inspection services have an important and critical role to play in the modern day world. Consumers and manufacturers conduct the inspection to the best of their ability, in order to ensure the safety, credibility, and longevity of the products. The importance of third party inspection services in UAE, for the industries and industrial processes, is even more vital. They not only ensure that the processes are running optimally, but also ensure that the processes are secure, and are not affected by any accidents. They are widely commenced and concluded in construction, industries, factory, and in the engineering sectors and businesses.


The primary focus of the services is to ensure that only quality and safe equipment are being used, in a given industrial setting. The services can be life-saving for the construction workers, as the workers use the equipment every day, in order to deliver the results.

Dutest Industrial a leading third party inspection company in UAE and Gulf offers a range of inspection services with certification. The inspection services include the inspection of the plant & machinery, lifting equipment, cranes, passenger lifts, fork lift trucks, good lift, anchorage points, lifting beam, and other equipment and machinery.

Expert Service

The third party inspection services in UAE are carried out by experienced engineers, and the offshore inspectors in the different parts of the globe, including UAE. The services are delivered in accordance with the regional and country-specific statutory requirements and guidelines. Apart for inspection, leading services in the segments, for instance, Dutest Industrial, also offer the repair services so that the processes do not stall. They offer the desired replacements parts and components as well, at reasonable costs, which are sourced from the best of suppliers. The services include testing and inspection, final inspection, auditing, and other services related to the process.

The standard inspection techniques and procedures include:

● Dye Penetrant Testing
● Magnetic Particle Testing
● Eddy Current Testing
● Thickness Gauging
● Welding Inspection
● Load Inspection
● Tirak/Minifor Services

Inspection services help in making an industrial process secure, and also optimize the workflow, by making the workers more alert and stress-free. The service receiver business gets accolades and recognition, for its secure and modern processes, and the services impact the Return-On-Investment positively.

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