The importance of Fall Protection Systems

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Falling from the height and getting injuries is a serious issue in work place. This makes the use of fall protection systems in the work place extremely important. Working at great heights presents greatest dangers to construction workers in environments like construction sites.  Avoiding the fall protection equipment is a serious issue as even the most careful workers are susceptible to work place injuries. With the availability of advanced equipment and technology in the market, it is important to choose the most suitable fall protection system for your work place safety.

Falls are defined as the most serious cause of work related injuries and death in the work places. Suitable protection equipment should be applied in the place to prevent the fall of employees from overhead platforms in to floors and walls. Fall protection systems should be used while operating dangerous equipment and machinery regardless of the fall distance. Creating work conditions that are free of dangers are important. Selecting the equipment suitable for facing different job hazards are also equally important. Each fall hazard should be carefully analyzed to determine the best fall protection system apt for situation

Use of fall protection system is mandatory when workers are exposed to falls greater than six feet. Before putting in to use, fall protection system should be carefully inspected and approved for maximum utilization of the equipment. Some of the commonly used fall protection system includes vertical life line system, horizontal life line system etc.

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