Why and How Often Crane Inspection should be Conducted?

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If a crane is installed at your work place, it should be subjected to regular inspection by professionally qualified to perform the inspection procedure. According to OSHA requirements, all the cranes should be inspected annually. Continuous usage will wear important crane components. This wear can eventually lead down to crane break down or dangerous failure that will put your entire team or company at risk.

Routine inspections of the crane are helpful in identifying the potential problems and can be addressed before irreversible or costly accidents occur. A crane inspector appointed for inspection should have experience related to the maintenance, servicing, modification, repairing and functional testing of cranes and the lifting equipment.

No individual is allowed to carry out crane inspection unless they are properly trained. There are four categories of overhead crane inspection services- initial, functional, frequent, and periodic.

Initial inspection is a documented visual inspection that is conducted after the installation of a new crane or altered cranes. It is conducted by an authorized person and a report in writing will be furnished by that person. Functional test inspection is conducted to see if there is any malfunctions with the functional operating mechanisms. Deterioration or leakage in valves, drain pumps, etc. are checked.

It is conducted at daily or monthly intervals to verify the excessive wear of components. Non-compliance with manufacturers recommendations are also verified with this. The inspector should pay special attention to the hoist brake, load chains etc. A crane in severe use should be put in to inspection weekly.  Frequency of periodic inspection depend on the usage of the crane. Cranes used for both normal and heavy services should be inspected annually.

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