Why is it important to connect with a reliable lifting equipment manufacturer?

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In the construction industry, there are multiple aspects of the job that require the workers to work from heights. There is continuous lifting and lowering of heavy equipment and materials. All this requires precision of efforts, a watchful eye and quite a bit of strength to be able to avoid any unwanted and unforeseen accidents and mishaps with lives and property. These could prove to be fatal or permanent in nature. Therefore, it stands to reason that specialized equipment is used to work at heights and lift heavy weights in the course of work.

Certified lifting equipment are the answer to these concerns. Going by the nature of the requirement, it is imperative that the lifting equipment is

  • made with high-grade technology
  • is precise in function
  • suits the task in hand
  • is well maintained and
  • is regularly inspected & tested.

From above points, it is clear that the lifting equipment should be procured and sourced from a reliable and technically sound company. No company can afford to work with faulty or less than fine equipment, as it might cause for mishaps or accidents.

What factors should be considered while choosing the company to source the lifting equipment from?

  • The company should be specialized in heavy lifting equipment
  • The market reputation of the company as well as the reviews on products and performance.
  • The technology the company uses for the manufacturing of the equipment.
  • Whether the company does inspection, testing and maintenance of the equipment.
  • The type and range of equipment manufactured and or supplied by the company.
  • The relevance of the equipment to the requirements.
  • Whether the company also trains the users to use the equipment.
  • Certifications on product quality, safety measures, and service.Third-party certifications like ISOCertifications are very important to increase the confidence of the buyers. As this gives transparency to their products and procedures and enhance credibility of the company.
  • Customer care for post installation, repair and maintenance services.

Dutest Industries is a recognized lifting equipment manufacturer in the UAE and supplies a wide range of lifting equipment. It supplies chain slings, shackles, lanyards, webbing slings, pulling hoists, full-body harness, fall arrestor blocks etc. It assures of state-of-art technology in the manufacture of its products and quality services.

Dutest has many accreditations to its credit and is recognized for best quality lifting equipment.

  • Company with Management System certified by DNV-GL ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.
  • Accreditation by the Emirates International Accreditation Center as per the ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and ISO/IEC 17024:2012.
  • Dutest also has a British Standard Institute International Membership.

Dutest regularly conducts and performs inspection, testing and regular maintenance of its lifting equipment. Dutest team helps clients to understand their requirements and provides best lifting solutions to them.


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