Wire rope and its importance!

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Overview:  Wire ropes have been used extensively in construction industries, manufacturing industries and civil industries. They are durable and robust and are sold by all Wire Rope Suppliers in UAE. All ropes conform to the relevant International and Local norms and are supplied with Mill Test Certificates. Wire ropes are used to lift and hoist cranes, elevators and for the transmission of mechanical power. It has a wide number of benefits, such as a high level of resistance to corrosion, an extremely high level of strength, and is pristine enough in dealing with heavy loads or a high level of tension.

Importance of Wire ropes:

Wire ropes are like complex machines requiring dedicated lubricants to perform difficult tasks. A good lubrication is a vital part of maximizing rope life and delivering the correct balance of properties in a single product. A high quality of wire rope lubricant must have:

  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Achieve maximum penetration to ensure lubrication and protection of the rope core
  • Easy, pleasant and safe to apply
  • Reduce friction and wear

The most important properties of wire ropes are:

  • Strength: Wire ropes are used to carry heavy loads so the ultimate strength of the rope is the most important properties of wire rope. To determine the strength of the rope, the actual breaking strength is always more than the calculated breaking strength and if not, then the rope will be considered to have failed the test and will be scrapped.
  • Abrasion resistance: Abrasion resistance is directly related to the design of the rope, in particular the design of the strands of the rope. Resistance to abrasive wear is therefore an important property of a wire rope. In general, ropes with fewer larger wires will be more abrasion resistant than a similar rope made up of smaller wires.
  • Fatigue resistance: Fatigue resistance is resistance to cyclic stress reversals and so is an extremely important property of wire rope. The smaller the diameter of the sheave of the rope the greater the magnitude of the stress reversal and so the more rapidly fatigue will occur in the rope.
  • Crushing resistance: Wire ropes experience external forces that will have a tendency to modify or mutilate the shape of the rope. Crushing prevents wires and strands moving easily over one another during normal operation and this can lead to accelerated wear and diminishes rope life.

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