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When it comes to shackles, it is the most important lifting equipment that helps to hold everything together in lifting machines. These shackles are highly used to connect additional slings perfectly in lifting systems. If you want to create a safe working environment, then it is necessary for you to search the best company which provides a reliable range of lifting equipment. Dutest is one of the authorized Crosby shackles suppliers in the UAE who offers unmatched quality lifting equipment to its clients at competitive prices.

We provide different types of lifting shackles such as:

  1. Round pin shackles: These shackles are highly suitable for those lifting applications where the load is strictly applied in a line, for example, towing, tie down, suspension, and other lifting applications. Always remember that these types of shackles are not ideal for rigging applications to hold multiple sling legs, or where side loading conditions may take place.
  2. Screw pin shackles: These high-quality shackles used for non-permanent installations as well as overhead lifting. We recommend screw type shackles for different types of pick and place applications. You can easily rotate and lose these types of shackles when you need. These are perfect for those applications which involve side-loading conditions. For ensuring their durability and ruggedness, the professionals use forged carbon steel material for making their body as well as alloy steel for making their pin. Our experienced quality professionals perfectly check the working load limit before supplying in the market for ensuring your safety level.
  3. Bolt type shackles: These types of shackles can be easily used in any place where round pin as well as screw pin shackles are taking place. You can easily utilize these products for long-term and permanent applications. These are known as other securement systems that help to reduce the need to tighten pin by utilizing the cotter and nut. These shackles are also made by using the forged carbon steel and alloy steel material. The body and pin of these shackles are available with a powder coating that makes them corrosion proof.

Dutest is a leading and prominent supplier of Crosby shackles and is well-known for meeting the potentials of its clients. In addition to shackles, the Company also offers different types of lifting equipment such as chain slings, wire rope, fixed line system, force measuring equipment, and many more.


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