Some common fall hazards found in workplaces

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Working at a construction site or warehouse exposes workers to common fall hazards and causes of injuries that can be prevented with the right safety precautions and practices. Dutest provides a range of equipment and fall protection systems like full body harness, fall arrester block and other lifeline systems that work well to safeguard your employees on site.

Some of the hazards can be categorized as follow:

Working at heights: Working at risky heights is a common cause of occupational fatality. Falls from height can occur when the lifting equipment is faulty or due to unguarded holes in floors like hatchways, inspection holes and pits. Training at the workplace and making use of PPE equipment will help to minimize the risks to your employees.

Electrical hazards: Faulty wires in equipment is another cause of hazards at the workplace. When extension cords are not properly rated, they may increase the chance of causing a shock to your workers. Replacing damaged equipment and ensuring wires are insulated correctly will protect the users from electrical shocks. Overheated wires, damaged appliances, wires that are pinched or pierced are also examples of electrical hazards.

Toxins and harmful materials: Construction workers are exposed to several materials and chemicals that could harm their health in the long run. Chemicals from asbestos, adhesives, solvents, paints, and other corrosive chemical solutions can lead to respiratory problems for workers. These hazards can be dealt with appropriate PPE equipment like specialized gloves, safety glasses or face shields that protects workers from anticipated hazards.

Manual handling: Workers who must work manually are more prone to back injuries and hand-arm vibration syndrome which takes place from frequent use of vibrating power tools and ground working equipment. This kind of hazard accounts for 64% of injuries that construction workers face because of repetitive motion while handling materials manually.

Equipment damage: A wrong selection of equipment can lead to overloading and damage to equipment. A risk assessment of the load dimensions should be taken to choose the right sling for the job. Overloading a sling can also lead to shock loading and exposing it to certain chemicals can damage the equipment.

Dutest delivers an extensive range of safety equipment all around the UAE which meets occupational standards of the workplace and provide quality solutions for industries like construction, oil & gas, engineering & manufacturing, telecommunications, and energy.

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